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Dozer blade control

UMC 4000

For grading, scraping and dozer blades

There is variety of attachments for universal machinery such as tractors, wheel loaders and skid steers. Among them are pushed or towed scraping, grading or dozer blades and boxes. For these attachments, we supply our Universal Machine Control UMC4000 system that automatically adjusts the blade elevation height and slope. It can additionally operate up to six further hydraulic valves or functions. Thus, the ancillary automatic control of both sides of hydraulic blade side doors can easily be achieved by UMC4000 in conjunction with our ultrasonic sensors UMS224.

The compact cabin control panel (MMI) integrates a proportional joystick. So the operation of the multiple functions of UMC4000 is easy to understand and to execute.

Our Universal Machine Control UMC4000 works with the majority of machine laser receivers and ultrasonic sensors of the most common brands. Simply connect and continue to use them!

Are you looking for a complete grading blade attachment and machine control system? No problem. Send us your enquiry and we’ll quote you the kit all-in-one.

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Supplies for pavers

Supplies for pavers

For asphalt pavers

The asphalt paver is the alpha of road construction machinery. It shall run all day long. The operating crew knows: No pause, no stop. The quality of the laid down asphalt road depends on that. We are aware of this fact, and offer therefore extremely robust, resistant and long-lasting sensors and controls for this rough application:

  • Leveling of the paving screed
    • Compact Mini-Line® controls with ruggedized and highly precise ultra-sonic, laser and slope sensors
    • Compact or professional multiplex leveling beams
  • Data monitoring for asphalt paving
  • Material controls
  • Ignition and temperature control
  • Joint heater

These products have proven themselves in the markets of Scandinavia, USA, Russia, Australia, China and India for more than 40 years. They are used in extreme weather and job conditions, and withstand them day after day, week after week, year after year.

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New UMC4013 operating unit

News 10-2017

We have listened to you and improved our operating panel of UMC4000 automatic dozer blade control: Instead of mechanical toggle switches to set several functions of the blade – such as offset on-grade, Auto/Man, slope side selection – we have built in a heavy-duty and easy-to-clean membrane keyboard.
There are two heavy-duty toggle switches underneath the joystick to open or close hydraulic side doors of the blade. You can find and operate them without looking to the panel.

In addition, we have added Russian language in the operating menu of the MMI. Thus, you can select now from six different European languages.

Last but not least the operation and activation of diverse functions of UMC4013 is now even more simple, more direct and logical.

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Voegele replacement multi-sonic sensor

VA224 Multi-Sonic Sensor

Multi-sonic sensor VA224 for Voegele Niveltronic

News 08-2017

The multi-sonic sensor VA224 is a new variation of the proven G224 multi-sonic sensor of the Danish company TF Technologies A/S. The VA224 comes with an analogue output signal and can be directly connected to the existing cable of Niveltronic screed levelling system of Voegele pavers. Thus, it can be used as a spare or replacement sensor of ultra-sonic skis of other manufacturers.

By means of the multiplexing method, the four ultra-sonic transducers of VA224 determine the height over a string-line or a reference underground. The mean value of the four individual measurements will be permanently sent to the Niveltronic controller to adjust the paver’s tow arms to level. The asphalt is laid down with the set thickness and smoothness.

Our VA224 multi-sonic sensor costs 2.180 € net (recommended retail price) going easy on your investment budget.

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