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MatManager: Asphalt building data

Our MatManager is a 7" display, central data processing unit and control panel - all in one. It captures and keeps record of essential asphalt laying data.

The paving crew can see in real time how much material is being layed down and if the target amount has been reached. The MatManager keeps track of the paving speed and distance. The variable width of the screed will automatically be monitored and considered in all material calculations. At the same time all material temperature and ambient weather data will be recorded.

At the end of each job you can upload the recorded data to a USB-stick or server. Review the data, or by use of MatWiser create a report to optimize your paving processes, and proof your quality job to your customer, road authority, lessee or owner of the road.

MatManager monitoring paving data

MatManager monitoring paving data

Don't waste your time by calculating consumption and need of paving material. Our MatManager provides you with all necessary information about received and required truck payloads to finish your paving to target specification.

The MatManager collects the data from a variety of sensors connected to the junction box:

  • Optical or wire-rope sensors to measure the width of the screed
  • Measuring wheel for easy and precise distance and idle time recording
  • Wheather station including GPS for tracking the ambient wheather conditions
  • 2 x infrared temperature sensors for non-contact measurement of material temperature
MatManager wiring scheme

MatManager wiring scheme

There are two versions of MatManager: "Light" and "Pro". The kit of the light version does not contain hard and software of temperature and wheather measurements. Furthermore the software features are limited. The light version can be upgraded to the professional version at any time later on.

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