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Privacy rules

Contacting us

The purpose of these websites is information. We do not collect or record private data of its visitors. If you like to get in contact with us, please use our phone, facsimile or email adresses. Clicking on an active email link will open your standard email browser. Thus, you alone can decide about providing private data, to what extent, and in a publicly open or privately encrypted mode.
Data provided in written or verbally legitimates your interest in our data processing.
The use of our email links from our websites facilitates the contact to us. Your contact details, address and other eventually given data will be used and stored for the purpose of replying to your enquiry and possible following communication.

Recipient of data

The recipient of data is the data controller and eventually the authorized data processor (point/person of data handling).

Maximum storage time

The data will be deleted 6 months after the date of enquiry.
If the enquiry originates a contractual relationsship, the maximum storage time of data is subject to the provisions of the German Commercial Code (HGB). In this case, your data will be deleted after 6 years.

Voluntary providing of data

We assume that private data sent to us is voluntarily provided, with your consent. Without your consent we would not be able to contacting you.

Web hosting

We do not store private data on the web servers of our web space provider, and have not given any instruction or order to process or store data at their facilities/web space. However, we are not in the position to limit or prevent the recording or storage of your IP adresses and traffic data for whatever purpose. If you'd like to prevent this, we encourage you to visit our websites through anonymous proxy servers or to use other anymisation techniques.

Use of Java script

For a better display nad handling of our websites we are using the programming language JavaScript. You may deactivate the use of Java script in your web browser, or install a Java script blocking programme. This shall not cause a malfunction of our websites.

Modification of privacy rules

We preserve our right to modify/update these privacy rules in order to be compliant to actual or updated legal rules, or in order to alter our web site activities, i. e. expand our website services. For your re-visit of our websites the corresponding new privacy rules will be applied.

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