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Sollido Controls GmbH

imports and distributes precision controls and sensors for pavers, as well as for hydraulically steered dozer blades and grading attachments for road and heavy construction, civil engineering and agriculture. Even special machinery, such as side verge milling machines or drainage excavators, can be equipped and controlled with our products.

Sollido Controls GmbH can rely on more than 25 years of expertise in consultancy and distribution of high quality technology, particularly in controls using laser and ultra-sonic sensors.

The manufacturers of products that we distribute have accumulated developing and manufacturing know-how for more than minimum a quarter of a century too - each supplier in his particular business. The companies are from advanced industrial countries of Germany, Denmark and Australia.

  • HE-Tronic GmbH, Germany
    Manufacturer of the Universal Machine Control UMC4000 system
  • MonoChromatic Engineering P/L, Australia
    Manufacturer of laser receivers for machine control and excavation
  • TF-Technologies A/S, Denmark
    Manufacturer of controls, sensors and other specialised devices for asphalt pavers

For our product supplies, we set value on quality, ruggedness, endurance and reliability. Test them!

Of course, Sollido Controls is offering extended services around our supply program, such as:

  • Consultancy about products, technology and application
  • Professional detailed quotations and sales all over Europe, direct or through local dealers
  • Customization of hard- and software
  • Installation and setting into operation
  • Instruction and training on the job
  • Service, repair and spare part supplies

Our guiding principle is: We find ways and offer sustainable solutions. So day after day, month after month and year after year you can continue doing what you are expert in: Your high-quality work.

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